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Has your organisation experienced a loss or breach of data?

To compound the problem, the data can be used to commit identity fraud.

Cifas Bulk Protective Registration is a straightforward way to protect your consumers and staff in a case like this.


How does it work?

With Cifas Bulk Protective Registration, your organisation can reduce the risk of identity fraud for everyone whose details have been lost or stolen, all at once.

The service places a special Cifas warning flag against the registered individuals' names and other personal details in our National Fraud Database. This tells the hundreds of organisations that use Cifas data to pay special attention when those details are used to apply for their products or services. Knowing those individuals are at risk, the organisations will carry out extra checks to make sure it's really that person applying, and not a fraudster using their lost details. Protective Registration lasts for one year, but the people you register can choose to have it removed at any time.


Taking out a Bulk Protective Registration

Contact the Cifas Compliance Team for more details and a full quotation.

Cifas Bulk Protective Registration costs between £10 and £15 per entry (depending on the number of entries required), plus a £500 administration fee.

Terms and conditions apply. Cifas Bulk Protective Registration does not affect your customers' credit scores. It is a fraud prevention measure and not a form of insurance against losses caused by fraud.