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Public Affairs and Policy

Cifas provides policy makers with essential insight into the issue of fraud and financial crime via in-depth statistics, briefings, and responses to consultations.

The Cifas Fraud Pledges 2024

At Cifas we are fully supportive of the HM Government Fraud Strategy launched in 2023 and playing our part to support its delivery.

The strategy provides a good foundation from which to start tackling the UK’s fraud epidemic. However, at Cifas we are always striving to go further and faster in the fight against fraud and economic crime. That is why we have launched the Cifas Fraud Pledge 2024 setting out proposals for the next generation of fraud reforms.


The Cifas Fraud Pledges

  • Pledge 1: Provide Cross-Government Leadership in the Response to Fraud 
  • Pledge 2: Improve the Policing Response to Fraud
  • Pledge 3: Enhance Support to Victims of Fraud 
  • Pledge 4: Make the Criminal Justice Response Fit for Tackling 21st Century Fraud 
  • Pledge 5: Require Social Media and Online Platforms to Join the Multi-Sector Response to Fraud 

Download the full pledges here

Why Cifas?

We are a trusted partner to many public sector organisations, helping them prevent fraud losses, achieve public policy objectives, disseminate law enforcement alerts, deliver legislative objectives and help victims of fraud.

Alongside this, our cross-sector nature and three decades of experience in the fraud and financial crime sphere means we are well-placed to offer holistic and detailed views and analysis on fraud levels, prevention tactics and support for victims. We are an ideal resource for policy makers, providing impartial analysis on fraud and financial crime.