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Data Subject Access Request form

The application form will work on all devices but we recommend you use your computer (rather than a smartphone or tablet) where possible, and in a secure location. We ask that the applicant completes the form personally. If it’s difficult for you to complete an online application form, please contact our Enquiry Line for help.

The information that you provide to us as part of your subject access request will only be used for responding to your request, which includes verifying your identity, and any queries you may have following our response. We will retain the information you provide to us for up to six years in order to respond to any follow up queries. If we need further information from you in order to help us locate any data that we may be processing about you, we will contact you using the details you provide.

If you agree, we will use an identity verification and authentication service to help us confirm your identity, which includes device recognition and verification. Further details about this are at the bottom of the form.

Your Details
Please enter the number of complete years you have lived at the address. If you have lived at your address less than 1 year, please enter 1.

In order to make your request as quick and efficient as possible, we intend to use a service provided by Equifax www.equifax.co.uk to verify and authenticate your identity. This will involve us passing the details you enter into this form below to Equifax, and then you will be presented with a series of questions based on your Equifax credit file that only you should know the answer to. We do not have access to your credit file ourselves. The Equifax service also identifies and verifies the device that you are using by passing technical details about your device to iovation www.iovation.com. Equifax only tells us whether you have passed or failed the checks that they have made to verify and authenticate your identity.

Equifax will make an entry in your credit file to show that an identity verification search has been carried out, but this “search footprint” will not be visible to any organisation who accesses your credit file. It will not affect your credit score – only you will be able to see the footprint.

If you do not want us to confirm your identity in this way, then the next page will tell you what documents we need you to send to us instead.

Please select from the mandatory box below how you want your identity to be verified: