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Data Subject Access Request form

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Your Details

The application form will work on all devices but we recommend you use your computer (rather than a smartphone or tablet) where possible, and in a secure location. We ask that the applicant completes the form personally.

The information that you provide to us as part of your subject access request will only be used for responding to your request, which includes verifying your identity, and any queries you may have following our response. We will retain the information you provide to us for up to six years in order to respond to any follow up queries. We may send you an update by email about the progress of your request, and we will contact you if we need further information to help us locate any data that we may be processing about you.

We would also like to know why you are making a subject access request. This question is optional and your answer will not affect our response to you - instead, we will use responses to improve how we explain how we work.

If you need assistance completing forms online please use our general enquiry section.

We will tell you more about how to confirm your identity to us on the next pages. This includes options for using a third party identity verification and authentication service. Please also be aware that we may need to make checks with document issuers and other related third parties as part of confirming your identity.

Please note that your subject access request will only be sent to us once you have completed the identity verification page and you have been provided a reference number.