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Join the UK's Fraud Prevention Community in the fight against Economic Crime

Organisations are now more at risk from fraud than they have ever been and the challenges they face to protect themselves and their customers have never been greater. From external threat actors attempting to access and abuse customer accounts to staff members accessing personal data, organisations need to ensure that they have the right systems and tools in place to identify and stop fraudulent conduct.

That's where Cifas helps. We lead the fight against fraud by sharing data, intelligence and learning. For 30 years, we have provided a secure and established home for:

  • Trusted data of unparalleled depth and diversity; hosting the largest databases of fraud risk in the UK;
  • Dynamic intelligence to understand the fraud threat landscape now and in the future;
  • A vast network of organisations and people with a stake in fraud prevention; our membership is as rich as our information
  • Accredited education and trusted training for organisations and individuals

The principle of cross-sector collaboration through reciprocal data-sharing is what makes Cifas unique. It is why we are the UK's leading fraud prevention service and a trusted partner of the UK Government. With over 700 members organisations across 17 sectors our membership is as diverse as the information we share.

How Do We Help Your Organisation

Our databases, the National Fraud Database and the Insider Threat Database (formerly the Internal Fraud Database), are the largest and most comprehensive sources of fraud risk data in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of records are added to our databases every year. This data and intelligence is shared in real time and online: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can help you protect your organisation from a range of fraud types:

False Applications

Inflated income, stolen or fake identities, concealed adverse credit - just some of the falsehoods individuals use in an attempt to access to credit, goods and services that they otherwise wouldn't secure. The quality of our data allows you to strike the delicate balance between welcoming legitimate customers, while shutting the door on 'bad actors'.

Account Takeover

Fraudsters target individuals with sophisticated social engineering techniques to obtain passwords and PINs, while organisations are under constant threat from large scale data breaches that can compromise the personal data of hundreds of customers in seconds. Our sophisticated tools and features allow you to interrogate our data to identify and act on suspicious activity.

Identity Fraud

Identity theft and fake identities are real threats to organisations and in our digital age fraudsters are able to obtain, share and misuse personal and sensitive information at ever-increasing speed and volume. Our databases hold nearly quarter of a million cases of identity fraud - as well as records of potential and actual victims, to help protect them from further attacks.

Misuse of Facility

Our data allows you to identify where individual operators and organised crime gang networks are targeting your sector - while our robust procedures ensure victims of deception or unforeseen financial difficulties are not unfairly penalised.

Insider Threats

A single insider can steal sensitive data and install malicious software in minutes, while a compromised employee can siphon cash out of your business. Our data can help you spot individuals who may have previously carried out unacceptable conduct against another organisation.

Why Cifas?

Over £1.3bn in fraudulent conduct prevented in 2023

Join over 700 organisations preventing fraud and financial crime together

+£200 in savings for every £1 spent on Cifas membership

Over 850 cases of fraudulent conduct recorded every day in 2023

What Option Is Right For Me?


If your organisation is concerned about external threats to your business such as identity fraud, account takeovers, misuse of existing accounts and false applications then the National Fraud Database could help you reduce your risk.

As long as you own first and third party fraud risk data, then you are eligible for Data Sharing Membership of the National Fraud Database


If your organisation owns employee and job applicant data, or recruits and vets potential employees for organisations, then you are eligible for Data Sharing Membership and can take our Insider Threat Protect Solution.



You could join Cifas as an Intelligence only member. This allows organisations that are not data-driven, or who have data but cannot share it reciprocally with other member organisations to join Cifas.

This usually means that you can share and access fraud intelligence and information, as well as engage with individuals in our community, through the Portal - our secure digital gateway.


If you organisation wants to upskill your staff in fraud and financial crime prevention then the Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy provides regulated qualifications and certified courses that enable you and your staff to curate a bespoke path to career success. Our short courses allows you to be agile as you respond to changing fraud threats and trends, by gaining specialist skills in targeted areas.

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