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Find out what information Cifas holds on me - Make a data subject access request (DSAR)

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By law, you are entitled to request a copy of information held about you (commonly known as a Cifas marker/case) in the Cifas fraud risk databases. This is known as a data subject access request (DSAR) and is free of charge. Cifas is required to respond to your request within one calendar month of receiving a fully completed form and supporting documentation.

Please be aware: Cifas will never charge you to make a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) or a complaint. We recommend you avoid third parties that claim to guarantee removal of Cifas markers on your behalf for a charge. 

To make a DSAR, you will need to request this online. You will need to provide the following information:

We may also require at least two proofs of your identity:

You can upload digital images or scanned versions of your proof of identity.

The information that you provide to us as part of your DSAR will only be used for responding to your request, which includes verifying your identity, and any queries you may have following our response. We will retain the information you provide to us for up to six years in order to respond to any follow up queries. If we need further information from you in order to help us locate any data that we may be processing about you, we will contact you using the details you provide.

Click here to apply for your DSAR

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a DSAR for my company?

If your company is being declined for products or services, please advise each company director to complete a data subject access request in their own personal details. If you are a sole trader, please also do the same and complete a data subject access request in your personal details.

Do Cifas markers show on my credit report?

A credit report will only show Cifas 'victim markers'. Victim markers – ‘Victim of Impersonation’ and ‘Victim of Takeover’ – remain in place for 13 months on the Cifas Databases from the date of submission. Cifas is not a credit reference agency and you should only contact us if you believe we hold information about you.

How long do the records stay on the database?

Cifas markers can be held for up to six years in the Cifas database.

I know what information Cifas holds on me how do I make a complaint?

If you have received the results of a data subject access request and would like to dispute the information click here.

Still need assistance?

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