Protect yourself from identity fraud


Have you ever been a victim of fraud? Have your card details been used for fraudulent transactions? Has an organisation you deal with recently lost or leaked sensitive data? Have you recently lost any personal documents, or had them stolen?

Any one of these circumstances increases your risk of becoming a victim of identity fraud. For £20 a year, Cifas Protective Registration reduces that risk.


Our helpline is now open 7 days a week. 

Arrived home at 7pm on a Friday night to discover that your wallet is still on the train? Realised important bank documents have been lost in the post on a Saturday afternoon? Time is of the essence when you think that your personal data has been compromised.

This used to mean waiting until Monday to take action to protect yourself against fraudulent use of your cards and details by registering for the Cifas Protective Registration service. But our helpline is now open Monday to Sunday, so you can call us and register seven days a week* – and enjoy peace of mind at the weekend too.

More information about our extended opening hours can be read here


How does it work?

When you request Protective Registration, we place a warning flag against your name and other personal details in our National Fraud Database.

This tells any organisation that uses Cifas data to pay special attention when your details are used to apply for their products or services. Knowing you're at risk, they'll carry out extra checks to make sure it's really you applying, and not a fraudster using your details.

Cifas Protective Registration does not affect your credit score. It is a fraud prevention measure and not a form of insurance against losses caused by fraud. You can have your Protective Registration removed at any time by writing to the address below.


How do I apply?

By phone: Call 0330 100 0180. If you are calling from abroad, use 0044 131 273 3008

The line is open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please have your credit or debit card handy when you call. This number is only for ordering Protective Registration - for other questions or services, please use our enquiry form.

*Please note the Protective Registration line is closed on bank holidays.


By post: Download, print and complete a Protective Registration form and post it to:

Cifas Protective Registration
Capital House
Bankhead Crossway South
EH11 4EP


I'm a victim of identity fraud

Cifas Protective Registration prevents future identity fraud. If you want to report an incident of identity fraud that's already happened:

  1. contact whichever organisations are affected - your credit card company if you suspect credit card fraud, for example
  2. if necessary, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.


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