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Enhanced Internal Fraud Database

Enhanced Internal Fraud Database

The insider threat is real.

Working alone or as part of an organised crime gang, a single dishonest individual can steal data, introduce malware and ransomware, embezzle finances, and destroy a company’s reputation.

The Enhanced Internal Fraud Database is the only database in the UK that records instances of dishonest conduct by job applicants and employees in the workforce, helping employers and recruiters identify potential threats to their organisation and protect their workforce.

Like the National Fraud Database, it is protected by ISO27001 standard security and is governed by our Principles to ensure its integrity and accuracy.

How does the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database work?

The Enhanced Internal Fraud Database holds fraud risk data relating to internal fraud threats, such as bribery and corruption, theft of personal and/or commercial data, customer account fraud and false applications (including fake qualifications). 

Our community records subjects suspected of dishonest conduct against their organisation to the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database, enabling other members to screen job applicants and employees against this data. As part of your membership relevant search results from the National Fraud Database can also be returned.

If a match is made against an individual, the organisation can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

When should I use the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database?

The Enhanced Internal Fraud Database can be deployed at any stage in the employee life-cycle, from recruitment to retirement:

  • Recruitment: Screen job applicants ‘at the gate’;
  • On-boarding: Integrate into your probation process;
  • Development: Identify those who could be experiencing difficulties that may make them susceptible to committing fraud, to limit your exposure and the damage to your business;
  • Retention: Annual checks both warn and reassure present and future employees, customers and stakeholders that you take internal fraud seriously;
  • Exit: Flag those who may pose a risk during redundancy or when retiring.

How do I make the most of the data in the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database?

We’re constantly working to ensure our community has the tools to get the most out of the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database.  View the tools and features available to you in the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database here.


'One of the benefits of membership is our biannual Internal Fraud Conference. It's a great opportunity for our community to come together, share best practice and listen to experts from the field of internal fraud.' Tracey Carpenter, Member Relationship Manager and internal fraud specialist, Cifas

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