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Participating and Direct Agencies

Direct agencies 

For organisations without an internal system or the IT resources to support Cifas Direct, we allow approved third party partner organisations called Direct Agencies to offer Cifas Direct as part of their own products and services, at a cost set by them. Direct Agency partners search our data and return the results to you. They may filter, score or prioritise these results, or combine with other data.

Direct Agencies can choose which Cifas Direct features to offer, so they may not always offer the full range. You should talk to your provider to find out what service they provide.  

Our current Direct Agencies are:











Participating agencies 

Organisations can search via our partner Participating Agencies. Organisations who have existing connectivity with one of our Participating Agency partners may choose this option.

Participating Agencies may not offer the full range of features and the level of matching may vary, so you should talk to them to understand what services they can offer.

Our current Participating Agencies are: