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Complaints Form

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This complaints form should only be used once you have completed Step 1 of the complaints process outlined here.

Before you make a complaint directly to Cifas using this form, you must have contacted the organisation that recorded your information to Cifas. If the issue has not been resolved directly with the organisation then you should ask for a final response from them - this can be either a letter or email. Once they have provided you with a final response you can complete this form and we can conduct a review of the information.

Before you can proceed with your complaint, you must have completed a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) with Cifas. DSAR Explination

Please note, we will NOT review this as a complaint unless you have completed a Cifas DSAR.

Q1. Have you completed a DSAR and, if so, do you have a DSAR reference number?

If you have not yet made a DSAR to find out if Cifas holds information in your details (commonly known as a Cifas marker/case) you can make a free request to us by completing our DSAR form. To proceed click here: Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) | Credit Reference File | Cifas

Once you receive the results of a DSAR and if you would like to dispute any information Cifas holds, you must first contact the organisation(s) that registered the warning and follow their complaints procedure. If you are not satisfied with the organisation's final response, then we will conduct an independent review on your behalf.

Please enter your DSAR reference number below: DSAR Format

Q2. Have you already made a complaint to the filing organisation(s) and received a final response letter? Final Response Expansion

Upload your final response letter here: Allowed File Types

You must first contact the organisation(s) that registered the warning to the Cifas fraud risk databases and follow their complaints procedure. If they uphold your complaint, they can remove your details from our system. When you contact them, remember to:

  • Detail exactly what you're complaining about, including the Cifas Reference (Case ID), which is referenced in the DSAR, and why you think the Cifas marker/warning should be removed;
  • Include copies of any documents that support your case, and any correspondence (letters, emails) you've received;
  • Keep copies of all your correspondence from this point.

In most cases, disputes are resolved at this stage. Please note that a complaint typically takes up to 8 weeks. When did you contact the organisation(s) to make a complaint?

Please wait at least 8 weeks before you contact Cifas directly about your complaint.