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I Want to Make a Complaint about Information Cifas Holds on Me

Disputing information held about you

If you have received the results of a data subject access request and would like to dispute the information Cifas holds, you should follow the steps outlined below (this information will also be included in your DSAR report).

Please note – Cifas will be unable to progress your request until you have completed the process outlined in steps 1 and 2.

Step 1

First you must contact the organisation/s that registered the warning and follow their complaints procedure. If they uphold your complaint, they can remove your details from our system. When you contact them, remember to:

In most cases, disputes are resolved at this stage.

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with the organisation's response, ask them for a Final Response (if you haven’t received one), which confirms that they have investigated and that they are rejecting your complaint. A Final Response can be in the format of a letter or email. 

Step 3

Share the final response with us and we will conduct an independent review on your behalf. You can contact us using our complaints form here. When you contact us you will be asked include details of:

We'll review your complaint with the organisation concerned and confirm whether it followed the right procedures. We aim to resolve all investigations within one month, however please note some complaints can take longer to resolve.  We do not have the power to recommend financial awards but we will offer as much advice and guidance as possible. If, following our investigation, we believe the filing was correct, but you would like to continue disputing the case, the next step is to contact the relevant regulator or complaints scheme for the industry. In most of our cases the relevant scheme is the Financial Services Ombudsman but it does depend on the industry in question.

Please do not send any identity documents or money unless we've asked you to. You will not need to contact us again once you have submitted your complaints form entry - we will contact you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a final response letter/email?

Members can take up to 8 weeks to look into your request and provide you with a final response. Within this timeframe, any queries should be directed to the member organisation as Cifas cannot conduct a review until this letter/email has been received.

Still need assistance?

Click here to speak to an advisor. 


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