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Cifas enables the sharing of data among its member organisations.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to request a copy of any information about you that Cifas (or any other organisation) holds on computers or in manual files. This is known as a Subject Access Request.

It costs £10 to make a Subject Access Request. This fee is not refundable, even if it turns out that we aren't holding any information about you.


How to Make a Subject Access Request

1. Download and print a Subject Access Request form.

2. Follow the instructions on the form.

3. Post your completed form to:

The Compliance Officer
6th Floor, Lynton House
7-12 Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9LT

Among other things, the form asks for proof of your identity and address, and payment details to allow us to receive your £10 fee. If you send off the form with any important details missing, we'll send it back explaining what else we need you to add.

4. We're required by law to respond to your request within 40 days of receiving a completed Subject Access Request, but we usually reply within a week. Our response will contain only Cifas data, and not public information or other fraud information.

5. If you want to know what other fraud information is being held against your name, you'll need to write to the relevant organisation, asking which fraud databases they consulted. They're obliged to provide you with full details, including the addresses to write to. Responses from those organisations won't include any Cifas data.

For more information head to our Enquiries and Complaints page.