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Cifas member organisations recorded over 409,000 instances of fraudulent conduct on our databases in 2022. 

Our Intelligence team, led by Amber Burridge are delighted to bring you this year’s edition of Fraudscape, which is key to understanding the challenges and threats we face as a community, and which areas we need to focus on to fight fraud together.

This report combines data from our National Fraud Database (NFD) and Internal Fraud Database (IFD), alongside intelligence provided by Cifas members, partners and law enforcement. In 2022, Cifas members saved over £1.3bn through prevented fraud losses, but we can prevent and detect even more fraud through better understanding of the key fraud threats and enablers, which is the purpose of this report.

Fraud is ever evolving, and criminals continue to collaborate. As a community, we must do the same.

Key findings in this year’s Fraudscape include:


Access the report

Go to to access Fraudscape 2023 and read the full report.

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