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National Fraud Database features

The National Fraud Database has additional features to ensure that not only can you work with our data, but that our data works for you.



Automate the filing, amending and deleting of fraud risk cases to free up resources, improve quality control, and allow your fraud teams to focus on uncovering more fraud, approving more applicants and increasing business.

Batch Search

Save time and resource – perform multiple searches by uploading your cases in a single file for automatic searching to the National Fraud Database.


Caselink is a powerful tool that shows you wider connections between fraud risk cases, helping you gain the maximum benefit from the wealth of data in the National Fraud Database. Caselink shows you these connections as a visual representation, allowing you to identify fraud rings, uncover additional evidence, trace and recover assets, and much more.

Enhanced Analytics

By analysing search data in real time, Enhanced Analytics identifies and alerts you to patterns that suggest identity fraud.


Cutting edge business intelligence in an easy-to-use and clear dashboard that allows you to interrogate and analyse your filing data, spot areas of improvement, and maximise your use of Cifas.

Facial Matching

Facial Matching allows you to upload an image as part of your search and identify cases that are linked by the same face – whether in the same document, or different documents.


Screen results based on the risk appetite or priorities of your organisation, by using our filtering tool to only see the matches you want.

Location Based Alerts

Guard against fraudsters operating in or targeting a specific area – Location Based Alerts use geographical data to search the immediate area around your customer or applicant address, and warn you if multiple third party frauds have recently occurred in that location.

Proactive Alert Reports

Be aware of the threats to your business – before you’ve even hit search. Utilising the power of member filings and cross-sector data, Proactive Alert Reports are actionable intelligence reports within FIND that highlight areas of risk to your business, giving you earlier warnings to help you reduce your exposure, and losses, to fraud and money laundering: Member Email Domain Alerts monitor your employee email domains against new fraud risk cases – potentially providing early indication that an employee may pose a risk to your organisation. Field Value Alerts warn you if there are data anomalies detected in the case you have filed, reducing false positives and making matches more efficient. Innocent Party Alerts tells you if a first-party fraud subject has subsequently been identified as a victim of fraud

Trusted Third Party Data Alerts

Data from law enforcement, public bodies, government and other key organisations, providing an invaluable additional source of intelligence for your investigations:

  • General Register Office lost and stolen certificates and deceased data;
  • Royal Mail fraudulent redirection data; Records of false and Fraudulently Obtained Genuine (FOG) documents;
  • Trading Standards Scotland scams data;
  • British Oil Security Syndicate Vehicle Fuel Theft data;
  • Department of Work and Pensions.


We are constantly developing new and innovative tools to help our community maximise the benefit they get from our data.