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I dispute Cifas data recorded in my name. How do I get it amended or removed?


The quickest way to resolve your dispute is to follow our formal complaints procedure.


1. Find out more

Find out exactly what data has been recorded about you. The organisation that processed your application or proposal can tell you which databases they used to assess it.


2. Formally complain to the organisation that registered the warning

If there's a Cifas warning against your name, and you want to dispute it or find out why it's there, contact the organisation that recorded the data, remembering to:

  • ask for the matter to be registered formally as a complaint
  • detail exactly what you're complaining about, including why you think the Cifas warning is unwarranted
  • include copies of any documents that support your case, and any correspondence you've received
  • keep copies of all your correspondence from this point.

If the organisation agrees that your complaint is justified, it might either amend or remove the details it recorded about you on the Cifas database.

If you're not satisfied with the organisation's response, contact it again to ask for a Final Response letter. This confirms that you've been through its complaints procedure but that your issue is still unresolved.


3. Ask Cifas to review your case

If you are unhappy with the Final Response Letter provided by the organisation, you may ask Cifas to review your case.

To start a Cifas review, post us:

  • your full name and date of birth
  • your current address and any other addresses you've lived at or used in the last five years
  • a copy of your Final Response letter
  • copies of any other correspondence that supports your case
  • a brief explanation of why you think the Cifas warning is unwarranted.

We'll review your complaint with the organisation concerned and confirm whether it followed the right procedures.

We aim to resolve all reviews within 14 days. We do not have the power to recommend financial awards.


4. Involve the relevant industry complaints scheme

If you're not satisfied with our response, or you'd rather we didn't review your complaint, ask the organisation concerned to refer you to its industry's complaint scheme.


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