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Rob Fraser, Non-Executive Director

Rob has over 35 years' experience in technology and consulting roles. In his executive career, he was IT Director for both J Sainsbury’s and Boots the Chemists, where he led substantial technology enabled transformations. Prior to that Rob was Vice President for Retail and Consumer Products at Computer Sciences Corporation. Rob is Chairman of Chris Fraser Associates, a digital consultancy advising some of the UK's largest companies. He has also been a Board advisor to tech startups E:Fundamentals and HubBox.

“There has been an explosion in the relevance of digital technology in everything aspect of business” Rob says. “The way in which we can connect people and create new commercial opportunities has grown – but so has the potential scale for fraud as well.”

“As you would imagine in large retailing groups, there are fairly regularly cases of insider fraud,” he adds. “The major players have typically been reticent about sharing details of this, so it is great that Cifas has started the conversation with its Internal Fraud Database. Nobody wants to hire somebody who committed fraud a few years ago but might have left the country before prosecution. I hope members and future members understand that if we pool all we know, it is actually far more valuable for all of us.”

Rob is the Chairman of Drax Technology, the UK’s technology leader in building compliance and safety. Previously, he was a member of the Board of Governors for the University of the West of England. 

“I’m delighted to see CIFAS deliver a digital transformation of its services. The more we can explore the data using the best analytics available, the more we can find things that connect up to help the membership.”


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