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Should my organisation invest in fraud prevention training?

Fraud costs billions of pounds to UK businesses each year and is the nation’s most common crime – accounting for over 40% of all offences in England and Wales. 

Yet our research reveals that 8% of key decision-makers responsible for training staff within large corporates are ‘not concerned about any type of fraud’

Whether subjected to cyber-attacks, insider threat, supplier fraud or having employees targeted by criminals, the impact of fraud can be far reaching and financially and reputationally damaging for many organisations to recover from. Therefore, providing specialist education to help tackle this growing threat remains business critical.

Our October 2023 survey delves in to find out how much of a priority employers put on fraud prevention training in the workplace. Discover what respondents feel the top fraud threats are for their business, the training budgets they have available to upskill employees, their preparedness for the Failure to Prevent Fraud offence, and more. 

Cyber-attacks remain chief concern for nearly three-quarters of UK businesses

Research from Cifas has revealed that nearly three-quarters (73%) of UK corporate businesses believe cyber-attacks pose the biggest fraud threat to their organisation over the next 12 months.

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Urgent calls for fraud prevention training as insider threat increases

Large UK businesses must carry out specialist fraud prevention training throughout the entire employee lifecycle, if they are to protect themselves against the increasing risk of insider threat, says leading fraud prevention service, Cifas.

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“Equipping staff with the specialist tools and knowledge to identify ever-evolving, modern-day fraud threats confidently and accurately can prove to be business-critical.” 

Rachael Tiffen, Director of Learning, Cifas 


Discover how our Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy can empower your first line of defence against fraud through immersive digital learning, independently certified and regulated qualifications and specialist courses, and bespoke training and consultancy. Learn more