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For further information on Cifas’ public affairs and policy work please contact:

Ross Archer,

Public Affairs Manager

020 3004 3647


We aim to be a resource for policy makers by providing impartial analysis on fraud and financial crime. Our cross-sector nature and expertise mean we are well-placed to offer views and analysis on fraud levels, prevention tactics and support for victims.

Cifas has worked closely with Government for a number of years and continues to do so. Cifas’ National Fraud Database is supplemented by a broad range of data from across the public sector.  Fraudulently Obtained Genuine documents (FOG) and Amberhill data (false identity documents obtained from ID factory raids), law enforcement alerts, and General Register Office deaths data are all added regularly to our database to help flag cases where there is a confirmed fraud risk.  Cifas also holds Home Office immigration data and the details of vulnerable individuals who are subject to a court order of protection under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Cifas was named as a Specified Anti Fraud Organisation (SAFO) by the Home Office in October 2008 and our status was reaccredited in June 2014. Our SAFO status enables a legal gateway for public/private sector fraud data sharing.

Recently, Cifas has been supporting the Joint Money Laundering Taskforce and has representation on all strands of the new Joint Fraud Taskforce, which was launched by the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, in February 2016.

We are a trusted partner to many public sector organisations, helping them prevent fraud losses, achieve public policy objectives, disseminate law enforcement alerts, deliver legislative objectives and help victims of fraud.

We can help with:

  • Unique statistics on fraud and financial crime in your constituency or region
  • Briefings ahead of Parliamentary debates and key events
  • Information on how upcoming legislation or current legislation may affect fraud prevention work
  • Advice for your constituents on how they can protect themselves from falling victim to fraud

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About Cifas Campaigns

At Cifas, we are a membership organisation working with a broad range of members from many different sectors, who come together to share confirmed fraud data.  These organisations are called members because they agree to come together and share data about their organisation with others, on a reciprocal basis, to prevent fraud.  While we frequently draw on the big picture data shared by our Members to highlight the risks of fraud and financial crime to the UK, we’re always clear that our campaigns do not claim to represent the views of our members.  Cifas campaigns are based on Cifas views and policy, representing our view as an independent, cross-sector organisation working to prevent fraud.