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Business Sector Working Parties

Business Sector Working Parties

Business Sector Working Parties are designed to help members discuss a range of topics amongst each other along with their best practice managers. These parties can include; discussion of current trends, sharing of information, or to bring forward issues.

Each Sector Working Party takes place 3-4 times a year at the Cifas office in central London with a video conferencing option available. You can attend any meeting(s) that are relevant to your work.

There are currently working parties for these business sectors: Alternative Lending; Banking; Company Fraud; Credit Reference Agencies; Data Protection Officers; Factoring and Invoice Discounting; Internal Fraud; Mortgage; Motor Fraud (Finance & Insurance); Onboarding; Telecommunications and Retail; Vetting Specialists.

What does a meeting look like?

Are you dealing with a tricky case? Do you have questions about filing? Or do you have insights to share with your sector and Cifas?

Our Working Party meetings give you an opportunity to discuss a range of subjects with peers from your sector and your Relationship Manager. Each meeting is a round-table discussion for you to share and hear intelligence on current and emerging fraud trends. We also organise talks from relevant experts or organisations.

Get involved

Dates, contact information and sign-up details available in the Member Portal. You can also get in touch with your member relationship manager who can advice on dates and meetings you may be interest in attending.