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25 March 2015


Fraudscape: Cifas annual report shows reports up by a quarter and increasingly organised 

Annual fraud release shows continued threat of identity theft as young adults increasingly targeted ...Read more

23 February 2015


Cifas comments: Chief Executive Simon Dukes responds to FCA review

Cifas issued a comment in support of the Financial Conduct Authority's report into financial organisations' approach to vulnerable people using their services ... Read more

20 February 2015


End to weekend worries for identity theft victims

A fraud prevention service to protect individuals from identity fraud will now operate on the weekends, Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention organisation, announced today ... Read more

27 November 2014


Cifas urges users to practice safe online behaviour over festive season

As Black Friday (28 November 2014) and Cyber Monday (1 December 2014) signal the start of the pre Christmas rush, hi-tech gadgetry will undoubtedly become more commonplace: both as means of staying in touch or searching for presents as well as being given as gifts ... Read more 

8 October 2014


Nearly half of all frauds are identity crimes reveals Cifas

Data driven identity crimes - frauds carried out using a victim’s identity details to obtain new accounts or take over existing ones - accounted for over 45% of all the confirmed frauds identified in the first three quarters of 2014 ... Read more

14 August 2014


Fraudulent employment applications at record high

In the first half of 2014, over half of all the confirmed frauds (63%) recorded to the Cifas Internal Fraud Database were Employment Application Frauds: frauds where job applicants have made serious fraudulent declarations about employment history, qualifications, criminal records and so on ... Read more

28 July 2014


Cifas awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate

Cifas – the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Plus certificate: an important accreditation that underlines the continued commitment to battling cyber security threats and risks ... Read more

2 July 2014


New graduates ‘risk their futures’ by lying on job applications, warns UK fraud prevention service

Young people are being warned of the consequences of lying on job applications as thousands of recent graduates enter the job market and make their first attempts to get on the career ladder ... Read more

21 May 2014


Cifas launches free service for local authorities to protect the vulnerable

Falling victim to Identity Fraud, or Account Takeover Fraud, can happen to anybody. Every year since 2009 there have been over 100,000 victims of identity crime recorded by organisations that use Cifas services. Some people are particularly vulnerable however, and not just when they might lose documentation or be affected by a data breach, but everyday ... Read More

15 May 2014


Scale of bank account fraud a cause for concern

Fraud against bank accounts was the most common type of fraud recorded during the first four months of 2014 by organisations that share data through Cifas ... Read More

25 April 2014


Do organisations need more data?

A poll on the Cifas website has revealed a less than clear picture regarding people’s appetite for organisations to use more of their personal data to prevent fraud ... Read more

8 April 2014


Cifas Employee Fraudscape report: know your employees and understand your weaknesses

Cases of fraud committed inside an organisation (by the people an organisation should be able to trust most – its employees) rose by 18% in 2013 compared with 2012. This is the first of many findings presented in the latest report from Cifas ... Read more

4 March 2014


Cifas warns that 2013 was no cause for celebration despite fraud decrease

Cifas today releases Fraudscape: a 52-page report that analyses the frauds recorded by over 300 organisations during 2013. While overall fraud levels decreased in 2013 by 11% compared with 2012, analysis in Fraudscape reveals numerous startling fraud trends ... Read More

20 February 2014


Plastic card accounts are identity fraudsters’ favourites

Analysis of the fraud figures recorded during 2013 by organisations that share confirmed fraud data through Cifas demonstrates that identity fraud remains the biggest fraud challenge facing the UK ... Read more

30 January 2014


Rise in insider frauds leaves organisations vulnerable warns Cifas

Analysis of frauds recorded on the Cifas Internal Fraud Database reveals another sharp increase in the level of staff fraud during 2013 (when compared with 2012). Within this increase, however, several interesting variations have been spotted ... Read more

21 January 2014


2013 Fraud Trends: Fraud decrease serves as vindication and warning, says Cifas

The analysis of fraud trends during 2013 by Cifas reveals a surprising mix of apparently good and equally alarming news about fraud ... Read more

13 January 2014


Cifas and Dionach: Protecting your online information is easy

Cifas, in collaboration with Dionach, the leading independent global Information Security company, today releases Protecting your online information: a quick and easy guide on how best to protect yourself and your data when online ... Read more

14 November 2013


Internal fraud costs three times more than the initial loss, says Cifas

Cifas today releases The True Cost of Insider Fraud. This report is based on research conducted by the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies. It examined several real life examples of internal frauds from the public and private sectors, the difference between the initial amounts lost to a fraudster and the eventual, total cost of the fraud. The findings give organisations much food for thought ... Read more

24 October 2013


Cifas and Ordnance Survey report improves understanding of identity crime

Cifas today releases Identity Crime: On your doorstep: a 24-page report, conducted in collaboration with Ordnance Survey, that analyses geographically the identity crimes recorded by organisations during 2012 ... Read more

21 August 2013


Simon Dukes joins Cifas as new Chief Executive

Cifas is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Dukes as the organisation’s new Chief Executive from 13 September.  He succeeds the current Chief Executive Peter Hurst who is standing down after 14 years’ sterling service ... Read more

9 July 2013

Poll calls for increased prosecution of fraudsters reveals Cifas

A poll on the Cifas website has revealed that most respondents consider that the most effective deterrent to fraud would be an increase in prosecution of fraudsters through the courts ... Read More

4 April 2013

Cifas Staff Fraudscape report examines dangers of frauds committed inside organisations

Cifas today releases Staff Fraudscape: a 38-page report that analyses the insider or staff frauds recorded by the Members of the Cifas Staff Fraud Database during 2012 and the reasons behind the 43% increase recorded ... Read More

27 March 2013

Impersonation: the most feared fraud type reports Cifas

A poll on the website of Cifas has revealed that the fraud that most people fear is the use of their personal details to commit identity fraud ... Read More

5 March 2013

Fraudscape: Cifas report examines fraud in 2012

Cifas today releases Fraudscape: a 58-page report that analyses the frauds recorded by the 270 cross-sector Cifas Members during 2012. Divided into several easy-to-read sections, Fraudscape gives an overview, and then examines identity related crime (frauds related to the misuse and hijack of an innocent party’s identity details), geography, first party fraud (frauds committed by the genuine account holder) and fraud in terms of the products targeted ... Read More

26 February 2013

Beware Job Ads for 'Money Transfer Agents', warns Cifas

Any internet search for 'Money Transfer Agent' returns dozens of job vacancies on all sorts of websites, all over the UK. But how genuine are these jobs? Should job seekers be suspicious? ... Read More

29 January 2013

Fraud by insiders increases by over 40%

Analysis of frauds recorded on the Cifas Staff Fraud Database reveals a significant increase in the level of fraud being committed by employees during 2012 (when compared with 2011), most notably ... Read More

16 January 2013

2012 Fraud Trends: fraud increase driven exclusively by identity crime

The analysis of fraud trends during 2012 by Cifas reveals a 5% increase in the overall level of fraud, when compared with the previous year ... Read More

30 August 2012 

Cifas poll reveals that organisations need to verify details more

The results of a poll on the Cifas website has revealed that most professionals and customers feel that organisations could do much more to verify customer details to prevent fraud more effectively ... Read more 

19 June 2012 

Cifas and CIPD launch report on managing and mitigating staff fraud risks

Fraud committed by staff inside an organisation makes headlines far too often. In 2011, Members of Cifas recorded a 14.5% increase in cases of staff fraud when compared with 2010.

This type of fraud can damage businesses reputation, brand and staff morale - as well as losing thousands of pounds. Employers must be on their guard when vetting prospective employees ... Read More

10 May 2012 

Cifas Staff Fraudscape report reveals complex set of dangers

Cifas today releases Staff Fraudscape: a 40-page report analysing the insider frauds, and the reasons behind the 14.5% increase in such frauds, recorded by Members of the Cifas Internal Fraud Database during 2011 ... Read More

22 March 2012 

Time: the biggest loss to victims of fraud, reports Cifas

The results of a poll on the Cifas website has revealed that it is the time taken to sort out the mess caused by becoming a victim of fraud that has the most devastating impact on victims ... Read more

2 February 2012 

2011 - Insider fraud increases

Analysis of frauds recorded on the Cifas Internal Fraud Database reveals an alarming increase in the level of fraud being committed by employees during 2011 ... Read More

26 January 2012 

2011 fraud trends: fraud levels surge upwards

The analysis of fraud trends during 2011 by Cifas reveals a disturbing 9% increase in the overall level of fraud ... Read more

7 November 2011 

Cifas confirms link between staff fraud and organised crime

Research carried out by Cifas and SOCA has shown that serious organised criminals are infiltrating legitimate organisations deliberately to commit fraud. ... Read More


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Staff Fraud 

2 August 2011 

Cifas warns of mix of old and new staff fraud methods

19 May 2011

Staff Fraud report reveals rise in data theft among youngest staff fraudsters

16 August 2010

The Internal Betrayal: Cifas releases Special Report into Staff Fraud

24 Match 2010

Staff Fraudscape: examining the staff fraud threat in the UK

August 2009

Insider fraud on the increase

August 2008

Preventing employee fraud protects us all

February 2007

Growth in the staff fraud prompts new guidance from CIPD and Cifas to help business

March 2004 

Employee Fraud - The Enemy Within