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About the Organised Fraud and Intelligence Group

Organised Fraud and Intelligence Group (OFIG) meetings are held to identify and share information about organised fraud threats, trends, enablers, vulnerabilities, and methodologies affecting organisations (Individual level information is not shared at OFIG).

OFIG meetings are divided into regional working groups (currently London & South East, Midlands, North, Scotland and Wales & South West) which each meet three times a year. An Internal Fraud OFIG is also held three times a year and focuses specifically on insider fraud threats.

OFIG meetings are attended by Cifas members, law enforcement and invited non-Cifas members. Participation in OFIG is open to representatives from any organisation committed to tackling fraud with the understanding that participation occurs in the spirit of non-commercial co-operation.

For further information about OFIG contact OFIG@cifas.org.uk.

Want to tell someone about OFIG, or spread the word in your organisation? Download the flyer.