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Cifas welcomes plans for legislation to combat fraudulent advertising

26 July 2023

We welcome the Government's response to its Online Advertising Programme Consultation, and the commitment to introduce a new regulatory framework to tackle illegal online advertising.

It is critical that advertising on online platforms outside of the scope of the Online Safety Bill is also effectively regulated, and that these platforms implement appropriate measures to detect and stop the fraudulent adverts that do so much harm. The Government plans announced are therefore a critical addition to the stand-alone fraudulent advertising duties set out in the Online Safety Bill.

Mike Haley, CEO of Cifas said: ‘Along with our members and partners, Cifas has long advocated for measures to ensure more effective regulation of adverts through online platforms of all types and sizes. If not detected before being published, fraudulent online adverts can do untold harm to consumers and businesses, including to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. The Government’s commitment to introduce this regulation is therefore very welcome.’

The timing of this legislation alongside the regulation being delivered through the Online Safety Bill will be critical. If one set of regulation lags behind the other, then criminals will simply shift their focus to those websites that are not yet subject to enhanced regulation and increased measures to combat fraudulent online adverts. Effective co-ordination between the Online Advertising Programme and Online Safety Bill’s provisions for fraudulent ads is therefore essential.’

‘We look forward to contributing to the next stage of consultation and further engaging with Government to further shape the regulation, to help combat fraudulent online adverts and the harm they cause.’

Posted by: Cifas Press Team

Cifas data reveals the range of fraud risks facing organisations

3 August 2023

In its half year Fraudscape report, Cifas has revealed in the range of external and internal fraud risks faced by organisations. These substantial and growing threats come against a backdrop of additional legal requirements for organisations to put ’reasonable procedures’ in place to prevent fraud.


Cifas and UK Finance launch lesson plans to prevent young adults from becoming money mules

12 July 2023

Data released today by Cifas and UK Finance reveals that in the first six months of 2023 there were 17,286 cases with intelligence indicating money mule activity filed to the Cifas National Fraud Database. Of these, 3,881 involved young people aged 21 and under which now make up one in five (23%) of all cases filed to the Database that bear the hallmarks of muling.

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Posted by: Cifas Press Team

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