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What employers should know about false references before their next recruitment campaign 

6 March 2024

References are an essential part of the pre-employment screening process for all companies. As HR professionals will attest, as well as verifying the experience and credentials of an applicant, they can provide valuable insight into their potential employee’s integrity. 

As our annual Insider Threat Week member event gets underway throughout early March, Cifas’ Insider Threat Manager, Tracey Carpenter, recently penned an informative article for The HR Magazine, delving into why job seekers might supply fake references and what the wider implications are if they do. She also underlines the worrying rise in fraudulent reference houses and offers five top tips for employers to successfully identify falsified documents.  

Read the full article in The HR Magazine

Posted by: Tracey Carpenter

Tracey is Cifas' Insider Threat Manager


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Posted by: Tracey Carpenter

Tracey is Cifas' Insider Threat Manager