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CIPFA awarded London Counter Fraud Hub contract

9 August 2016

It was announced today that Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) have been awarded the contract to run the London Counter Fraud Hub.

The London Counter Fraud Hub is a partnership between all London boroughs to better target fraudsters who attempt to con councils out of millions of pounds a year in unpaid council tax, illegal property letting and unpaid business rates. The hub has potential to save London tax payers £60 million a year on average.  

Cifas is a partner to CIPFA in delivering the hub and we look forward to working with them, and other partners, to improve and inform the response to fraud across London’s local government.

This project will be a step change in identifying, preventing and pursuing fraud across London’s local authorities and Cifas’ 28 years of experience in cross sector data sharing will be invaluable to making the project a success.

Through Cifas, over 360 member organisations already share confirmed fraud data in order to meet the challenge set by fraudsters. We operate across sectors because we know that fraudsters do too. Whether in organised crime or as lone opportunists, fraudsters are criminals who spot a weakness in the system and mercilessly utilise it for their own dishonest gain.

Making Cifas’ confirmed fraud data available to the London Counter Fraud Hub will strengthen their ability to detect fraud, find false identities, and understand their clients.

This exciting partnership will put Cifas on the front line of local authorities’ work to tackle fraud. It is part of Cifas’ wider engagement strategy with the public sector, which has seen Cifas support the delivery of legislation and provide guidance and expertise across industry and government on fraud and financial crime.

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch.


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