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Organised Fraud and Intelligence Group

Organised Fraud and Intelligence Group (OFIG) meetings provide an opportunity for fraud intelligence and investigation professionals from the private/public sector and law enforcement to exchange information on fraud and financial crime threats and trends. You and your peers can also share best practice on combating the latest criminal methods and techniques.

Collaborate on fraud and financial crime prevention

The meetings take place around the country, each region meeting three times a year, so you can attend an OFIG meeting that is convenient for you. All we ask of you is to be prepared to share! Non-commercial, collaborative co-operation is the key.

Learn and share the latest fraud intelligence

OFIG attendees identify and share information about fraud threats, trends, enablers, vulnerabilities, and methodologies affecting organisations. The meetings are a chance to network and engage with like-minded professionals from across multiple sectors, as well as Cifas experts and representatives from law enforcement and government.

Cifas collates and analyses the information supplied by attendees to create the OFIG Action Plan –detailing the threats and enablers discussed at the meeting, and providing you with actions you can take to tackle them.

If you work for an organisation that is committed to tackling fraud, you’ll get the best information and tools from OFIG meetings you need. They provide a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer and cross sector collaboration, helping form the best fraud and financial crime intelligence available – putting us one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Attend the next OFIG meeting near you

The meetings are divided into regional working groups, each meeting three times a year in February, May, and September.

You can attend the OFIG meeting most convenient to you:

London and the South-East (Cifas office) - Midlands (Solihull) - North-East (Leeds) - North-West (Skelmersdale) - Scotland (Edinburgh) - Wales and South-West (Cardiff).

An Internal Fraud OFIG meeting is also held at the Cifas office in London three times a year and focuses specifically on insider fraud threats.

Attendance is at the discretion of either the relevant meeting’s Regional Coordinator or the OFIG Committee, and with the understanding that participation occurs in the spirit of non-commercial co-operation.



The group meets in each region three times a year in February, May, June and September.

  • London and the South-East (Cifas office);
  • Midlands (Solihull);
  • North-East (Leeds);
  • North-West (Skelmersdale);
  • Scotland (Edinburgh);
  • Wales and South-West (Cardiff).

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