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Insider Threat Week, 9-11 March 2021

Insider Threat Week: helping organisations tackle internal fraud

Internal fraud is a threat to every organisation, in every sector. From data theft to embezzlement, supply chain fraud to bribery and corruption - organisations are only truly protected when they are secure internally as well as externally.

In addition, 2020 brought new challenges for organisations as all aspects of doing business moved online - from the mass migration to homeworking, to hiring and inducting new staff online, to deploying new technology and systems for remote working. 

With these challenges, came opportunities - not just for business, but for fraud.      

Understand, manage and respond to the Insider Threat

Over three days, leading experts will teach you how to understand and identify the insider threat — and protect your organisation, your staff, and your customers.

The Insider Threat Week is online and free to attend. All sessions will take place via Zoom.


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09 March: Understanding the Insider Threat

10.30 – Welcome from Mike Haley and John Browett
Cifas CEO Mike Haley welcomes you to the Insider Threat Week, while Cifas Chairman John Browett gets you up to speed with how Cifas works with the sectors to combat the insider threat.

11.00 – Insider Threat in the UK: What the data tells us
Amber Burridge, Head of Fraud Intelligence at Cifas, analyses the latest statistics and trends to create a comprehensive picture of internal fraud in the UK – drawn from the unique data and intelligence provided by Cifas members. Who commits internal fraud? What types of fraud are committed? And where are the biggest risk areas for your sector?

11.30 – Break

11.40 – Staff approaches
Paul Maskell of the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit, a specialist police task force, explores staff approaches – from talking to your workforce about internal fraud controls to initiating and managing investigations with your workforce.

12.25 – End of morning sessions

14.45 A new way to learn
Skills and knowledge is essential to combating the insider threat, but practical experience can be hard to come by and theoretical knowledge difficult to apply due to the complex and unique nature of internal fraud cases. Tracey Carpenter, Insider Threat Proposition Manager, explores the role of immersive learning to overcome these barrier, and demos a new immersive training course that enables participants to conduct and manage a ‘live’ internal fraud investigation – with all its twists and turns.

15.00 The role of preventative learning
An expert panel discuss the skills and knowledge teams and individuals require to effectively combat the insider fraud threat. Dr Rasha Kassem of Coventry University and Cifas’ Head of Learning Mike Betts outline the qualifications available and evaluate the skills they provide, while Caroline Bolton King of Barclays, Amy Probert of the South West Audit Partnership, Aaron Gerald of Cifas, and Paul Stratton, current learner on the Postgraduate Certificate in Fraud and Financial Crime, discuss their experiences of undertaking insider threat learning and the benefits it brings.

10 March: Managing the Insider Threat

10.30 - Slayer of titans: asset misappropriation and bribery and corruption 
Asset misappropriation and bribery and corruption can, and do, bring down industry giants and undermine the most high profile initiatives. This expert panel looks at the twin threats, and explores strategies and controls necessary to prevent them taking hold of an organisation.

11.30 – Professional development in tackling the insider threat
Peter Cheese of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD) announces their new vision for insider threat training and qualifications, in collaboration with the Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy. A must-see for anyone looking to develop professional expertise in the field. 

12.00 End of morning sessions

14:00 Managing a homeworking workforce in a pandemic
2020 brought a whole new dimension to the challenge of managing a remote workforce – not least from an insider threat perspective. Gain the insights and knowledge you need to put in place an effective strategy to protect your organisation and your staff, as we navigate unchartered waters.

15:00 The Insider Threat IRL
A major commercial organisation presents a real-life case study of events when an internal fraudster targeted their organisation, from uncovering the danger and investigating the threat to taking remedial action.

11 March: Practical responses to the Insider Threat

10.30 – Embedding staff screening and monitoring
Tracey Carpenter takes you through the practical process of implementing a consistent and robust system of screening and monitoring employees through the life cycle of employment – from recruitment to retirement. 

10:45 – Whistleblowing in a pandemic
With homeworking the ‘new normal’, have you considered how staff can communicate their concerns – securely, efficiently and confidentially? This session will tell you what to consider when setting up or adapting your whistleblowing policies and channels.

11:15 – Break

11.30 Employee monitoring: how far is too far?
Lisa Forte of Red Goat Cyber Security will conduct a lively discussion asking 'how far is too far?' when it comes to employee monitoring and security. Controls are needed as staff stay working from home, but putting CCTV in their homes is clearly a step too far. So where is that sacred ground when it comes to balancing employee privacy at home and ensuring all remains secure?

12.15 Close of the Insider Threat Week

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Some firewalls may prevent the registration link from opening. If you are having difficulty, please email


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Praise for Cifas conferences and events:

Valuable, well-planned and organised conference with great opportunities to build and develop networks.

Great conference all round, fabulous informative speakers. Super venue and excellent networking.

Excellent conference where the discussions focus on resolving fraud by searching for the heart of the problem - would thoroughly recommend.

A great day to learn and hear from other sectors - a lot of the speakers you would not normally be able to speak to outside of the conference.

The conference is a great opportunity to focus on fraud and dedicate time to thinking about this issue ahead of all your responsibilities.


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