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Over 25 million adult gamblers fuel the UK gambling industry. Of the 25 million, 10.5 million bet online. According to gambling statistics in the UK, over 45% of brits gamble each month.

The UK gambling market is worth about £14.3 billion per year. Based on the mentioned figure, 38.6% results from online gambling. The sector faces many challenges. With the growth of online gambling, it is also a major target for organised crime and fraud activity in the UK. Research carried out by Cifas has revealed that in 1 in 7 people have committed online gambling fraud or know someone who does - compared with 1 in 8 in 2021.

Due to the anonymity of the internet and the speedy onboarding required to fulfil customer demand, gaming companies need access to accurate data to help determine the validity of a new customer and the funds being gambled on their platforms.

In the past many gaming companies have fallen foul of the regulators and have received substantial fines for not doing enough to spot money laundering and false identities as well as enable safer gambling. The threat of losing a UK gambling license is ever present and requires diligent onboarding and access to the up to the minute information.

That’s where Cifas can help. We provide solutions to the specific threats that target your business and your customer base every day as well as compliment your existing practices.

Our fraud risk data and intelligence, and the tools and systems that deploy them, have been proven to help gaming and gambling companies detect and prevent fraud.

Fraud Rings

Our specialist software identifies links between seemingly unconnected accounts to uncover hidden fraud rings.

False Documents

Unique facial matching capability recognises when the same image is used across multiple identity documents – even when no other details are the same.

Compromised Accounts

We hold the UK’s most comprehensive databases of fraud risk data – including details of synthetic and stolen identities and compromised accounts. Last year our members recorded nearly 310,000 fraud risk cases.

High Risk Accounts

Our database facilitates checks to help spot high risk accounts, such as potentially spotting underage gamblers, as well as holding unique data on suspected money mules – which often goes hand in hand with underage gambling.


As a member, you’re authorised to speak directly to banks to verify details and help identify cases of ‘buyer’s remorse’.

Undisclosed Bad Credit

Identify individuals that have hidden bad credit or other adverse information from their applications.

Bonus Abuse

Our diverse data and extensive tools– from adverse credit history to reference IP and device ID - means repeat offenders find it difficult to hide when attempting to establish multiple accounts.

Repeat Offenders

Our fraud risk data can identify players that have been recorded by other organisations for fraudulent conduct.

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Gaming Sector Analysis

For one client, analysis of 100,000 records identified 3,300 cases of fraudulent conduct at the same address. Analysis also showed:


of attackers successfully passed identity verification processes


of cases were accounts flagged for misuse of facility


of cases involved identity fraud; Either synthetic identity or impersonation

Our proof of concept for one client identified 1,888 live fraud cases which included: The value per player for this client equalled £20, meaning that as a minimum, Cifas would have saved this business almost £40,000 in fraud losses.

Applications from deceased individuals

Multiple bank accounts linked to money laundering

Individuals subject to live police investigations

250,000 records held on our database were checked in six proof of concepts with gaming clients. When compared with other sectors, Identity Fraud and Compromised Accounts levels were above average. This indicates that there are specific 'points of attack' in your processes being exploited.

Our data shows that Gaming is targeted the same way as other sectors (including banking, telecoms, and retail) and, when it comes to identity fraud and wrongful use of accounts, your sector is at an even greater risk of attack. In 2020 we identified a high proportion of fraudsters targeting your industry, originating from a different sector.

Our Gaming and Gambling Sector Members

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BET VICTOR members of the National Fraud Database.

Our Services

Our databases, the National Fraud Database and the Insider Threat Database, are the largest and most comprehensive sources of fraud risk data in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of records are added to our databases every year. This data and intelligence is shared in real time and online: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The system is simple and effective. All members record instances of fraudulent conduct against their organisation to the relevant database, enabling other members to search against their data. When members confirm fraudulent conduct, they file their own case.

We continually develop innovative tools to enable our members to interrogate our data and maximise its benefits. Here are just some of these tools available to you:

Facial Matching

Facial Matching allows you to upload an image as part of your search and identify cases that are linked by the same face - whether in the same document, or different documents.


CaseLink is a powerful tool that shows you wider connections between fraud risk cases, helping you gain the maximum benefit from the wealth of data in the NFD.

Location Based Alerts

Location Based Alerts use geographical data to search the immediate area around your customer or applicant address, and warn you if multiple third party frauds have recently occurred in that location.

Digital Fraud Check Scheme

The scheme authorises you to request verification information from banks and other organisations signed up to the scheme.

Batch Search

Save time and resource - perform multiple searches by uploading your cases in a single file for automatic searching.

Victim Data

Make use of our victim of impersonation data to identify players attempting to open new accounts in other people's identities.

About Us

Over £1.3 Billion in fraudulent conduct prevented in 2021

Cifas is the UK's fraud prevention community. We lead the fight against fraud by sharing data, intelligence and learning. Our community is drawn from all sectors, working together to stop fraud.

When you join Cifas, you will contribute to and benefit from the UK's largest databases of fraud risk data and intelligence. You will have access to thousands of like-minded professionals and experts who freely share their knowledge and expertise to fight fraud and protect organisations and the public.

We are committed to the principle of collaboration, which connects and drives our community, and enables the sharing of data, intelligence and learning.

£200+ savings for every £1 spent on membership
650+ organisations preventing fraud and financial crime
310,000 records of fraudulent conduct recorded in 2020
850+ cases of fraudulent conduct recorded every day in 2020

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