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Cifas' Annual Report on UK Fraud Trends Reveals 25% Increase in Recorded Fraud

Fraudscape is the essential guide to UK fraud trends: analysing and exploring the UK's major fraud trends. Alongside incisive commentary and insightful case studies, it makes key recommendations for future fraud prevention. 

This year's Fraudscape reveals significant - and alarming - developments:

  • A five per cent increase in identity crime on 2013;
  • Crime looks increasingly organised
  • Young adults are increasingly becoming targets – the number of young adult identity fraud victims aged between 21 - 30 has increased by 51.7 per cent since 2011
  • Older groups are still at risk – there was a 15 per cent rise in the numbers of identity fraud victims aged over 55, compared to 2013.

Cifas Chief Executive Simon Dukes said: 'The frauds we are recording point to increasingly sophisticated, predatory and organised criminals. This is crime at an industrial scale.'

City of London Police Commander, Steve Head, who is the ACPO lead for Identity Crime, agreed: '“The percentage rise in fraud recorded by Cifas is very much in line with what we are seeing for Action Fraud for 2014/15.'


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Download the full Fraudscape report here

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