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Why should I join Cifas?

Why should I join Cifas?

We are the UK’s fraud prevention community.

We lead in the fight against fraud by sharing data and intelligence. For 30 years, we have provided a secure and established home for:

We innovate and adapt our technologies to meet new and evolving threats and drive the UK’s response to fraud. We provide the information, the technology and the tools to fight fraud in a single safe and secure environment.  Because of Cifas, our fraud prevention community collectively saves over one billion pounds in prevented fraud losses every year, and protect countless individuals from falling victim to fraud.

 Cifas will always be there to seek out and stop fraud. When you join Cifas, you join the most effective defence against fraud in the UK – and gain everything you will ever need to protect your organisation and stop fraud. Mike Haley, CEO 

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How do we protect our data and intelligence?

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