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Data Sharing Membership

Data Sharing Membership

Access the largest databases of confirmed fraud risk data in the UK

If your organisation owns first and third party fraud risk data, then you are eligible for Data Sharing Membership. You'll have access to the National Fraud Database and, if you choose, the Internal Fraud Database

The sharing of our data and intelligence is based on the core principle of reciprocity – so all members will be expected to contribute as well as draw from the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Cifas holds and facilitates.

What do I gain as a Data Sharing Member?

As a Data Sharing Member, you’ll benefit from:

Find out more about our data.

What are the additional benefits of joining the UK's fraud prevention community?

You will access all the universal benefits of membership:

Find out more why you should join Cifas.

What type of organisations join as Data Sharing Members?

We welcome everyone with a stake in fraud prevention. Our community is made up of hundreds of organisations, working together with Cifas to stop fraud. Just some of the sectors represented in our data sharing membership are:

Banking - Fintech - Insurance - Asset Finance - Gaming - Retail - Charities - Local Authorities - Government - Peer-to-Peer Lending - Recruiters - Vetting Services


How much is it to become a Data Sharing Member?

You'll pay a yearly subscription based on the size of your organisation, plus a joining fee. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

What if my organisation does not share data now, but may in the future? 

Some organisations start with us as Community Members, benefitting from our intelligence, learning and community to establish themselves, before changing to one of our data sharing memberships when and if their organisation grows or changes to meet the criteria. Find out more about Community Membership.

What are my membership options?