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Enhanced Internal Fraud Database features

The Enhanced Internal Fraud Database has additional features to ensure that not only can you work with our data, but that our data works for you and your organisation.

Batch Search

Save time and resource – perform multiple searches by uploading your cases in a single file for automatic searching to the Enhanced Internal Fraud Database.

Document Upload

Upload false or altered documents submitted by job applicants or employees, and view documents uploaded by other members.

Email Domain Alerts

Member Email Domain Alerts monitor your employee email domains against new fraud risk cases on the National Fraud Database – potentially providing early indication that an employee may pose a risk to your organisation.

National Fraud Database Matches

View relevant first party fraud risk data from the National Fraud Database in your search results, helping to identify applicants and employees who may have the motivation or propensity, or are experiencing circumstances that may make them susceptible, to commit internal fraud.


We are constantly developing new and innovative tools to help our community maximise the benefit they get from our data.