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What fraud solutions do we offer?

What fraud solutions do we offer?

Our fraud risk databases are the largest in the UK, holding trusted data of unparalleled depth and diversity in a range of fraud types.


False application

Do you know your customer? Inflated income, stolen or fake identities, concealed adverse credit - just some of the falsehoods individuals use in an attempt to access to credit, goods and services that they otherwise wouldn't secure. The quality of our data allows you to strike the delicate balance between welcoming legitimate customers, while shutting the door on ‘bad actors'.

Account takeover

Unauthorised access to a legitimate customer account is another threat that has found new life in the digital age. Fraudsters target individuals with sophisticated social engineering techniques to obtain passwords and PINs, while organisations are under constant threat from large scale data breaches that can compromise the personal data of hundreds of customers in seconds. Our sophisticated tools and features allow you to interrogate our data to identify and act on suspicious activity.

Identity fraud

Is your customer who they say they are? Identity theft is a real threat, not only to organisations but to the innocent, often vulnerable, people they impersonate – and our digital age means fraudsters are able to obtain, share and misuse personal and sensitive information at ever-increasing speed and volume. Our databases hold nearly quarter of a million cases of identity fraud - as well as records of potential and actual victims, to help protect them from further attacks.

Internal fraud

Is it really a job your applicant is looking for? A single insider can steal sensitive data and install malicious software in minutes, while a compromised employee can siphon cash out of desperation. Our data can help you spot individuals who may have previously carried out unacceptable conduct against another organisation.

Misuse of facility

What are your customer’s real intentions? Transferring illicit funds through an account is money-laundering, while organisations offering finance can be hit badly when payments – and assets – go AWOL. Our data allows you to identify where individual operators and organised crime gang networks are targeting your sector – while our robust procedures ensure victims of deception or unforeseen financial difficulties are not unfairly penalised.


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