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How do I access Cifas?

How do I access Cifas?

We use secure and innovative digital platforms and API integration.

We have developed a range of channels provide our community with efficient and secure access to our data and intelligence.  

Our platforms

The Portal

The Portal is the single sign-on, digital gateway to the universal benefits of your membership - hosting our intelligence resources, our online community, and our help and support. 

If you are a Community Member and do not access our data, then the Portal is the only platform you need.

If you are a data sharing member, you will also use the Portal, but additionally you will need to use one of our access channels in order to securely access our databases, which are hosted in the Portal.


The Fraud Investigation Database, referred to generally as FIND, is the tool Cifas member organisations use to access its databases. It is hosted on the Portal in the Investigations area.

As a data sharing member of Cifas, your organisation will use FIND to search our fraud risk data as well as file cases of fraud to one or both of our databases – the National Fraud Database and the Internal Fraud Database.

Our access channels 

Cifas Direct

Data sharing members can maximise the full benefits of our data and intelligence by connecting through Cifas Direct, which uses API technology to allow your organisation’s computer systems to communicate directly with FIND. 

 Cifas Direct delivers its full search functionality straight to your own systems, in real time.  With Cifas Direct, you will have always have access to the full set of data matching capabilities, filtering functionality and the very latest analytical services – all included in your yearly subscription. Find out more.

Direct Agencies

For organisations without an internal system or the IT resources to support Cifas Direct, we allow approved third party organisations called Direct Agencies to offer Cifas Direct as part of their own products and services, at a cost set by them. Find out more.

Participating Agencies

We also allow approved third party organisations called Participating Agencies to hold a subset of our National Fraud Database and offer real-time search, at a cost set by them. Find out more.

Manual searching

Trained and authorised individuals in an organisation can manually log in to search and file to our databases.  Manual searching requires an internet connection and the installation of digital certificates for security. The full range of features is not available with this option.    



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