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The Cifas Annual Conference: 3 June 2015, London


This year, a range of expert speakers will come together to debate the ‘human factor’ in fraud: how people and their emotions, motivations and actions impact on what is often perceived as a dispassionate arena driven solely by technology and data. 

Expert speakers will explore the many aspects of people in fraud: not just as victim or perpetrator, but as whistleblower and defender, innocent and infiltrator. We will discuss how organisations can utilise the power of their staff whilst guarding against their fallibilities. We will debate the extent to which businesses can or should be responsible for fraud losses as a result of human error, and ask whether wholesale behavioural change in the public’s attitude to fraud is possible, and how we might achieve it. We will hear from the ‘front line’ – stories of those who hunt down fraudsters, who support victims and who commit fraud themselves - and ultimately answer the question:

In fighting fraud, are people the weakest link or the strongest defence?


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The conference is open to all professionals working in fraud or fraud-related industries or roles.

For more information contact events@cifas.org.uk