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We understand how important your complaint or enquiry is to you, and will resolve it as quickly as we can.

Your first port of call should be our Frequently Asked Questions (where you may find the answer to your query already). In case the information you need isn't there, we and the organisations that share data through our systems operate a formal complaints procedure. The following questions should help you get started:

  1. How do I find out what information an organisation looked at when reviewing my application, claim, account or similar?

  2. How do I find out whether there is Cifas data or any other data recorded in my name?

  3. I've been declined for credit, insurance or another product or service - could it be that a Cifas warning caused this?

  4. I dispute Cifas data recorded in my name. How do I get it amended or removed?

  5. I have been a victim of fraud. Will my Cifas Protective Registration - the warning that was recorded to protect my identity - stop me from getting credit, insurance or any other service?


If you're still not sure where to start, please send your complaint or enquiry to the Cifas Compliance Officer. When contacting Cifas, always include your name, current address (with postcode) and full details of your issue. Please do not send any identity documents or money unless we've advised you to.

Cifas can only review or comment on cases involving Cifas data. We cannot advise you on any issues related to information shown on your credit reference agency file, such as Electoral Roll details, association/alias information or data related to your existing accounts. If you dispute any of this information, you should contact the credit reference agencies and/or the organisation that registered the information.