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Services for Individuals

Protective Registration

Guard your personal details against being exploited by identity fraudsters by using our Protective Registration service. Find out more.


Subject Access Requests

Cifas works by sharing information on confirmed frauds. This includes records of individuals who have committed fraud against a Cifas member. If you want to check whether your details are on our database you can do this by making a Subject Access Request.


Services for Organisations

Organisations that share data through Cifas' databases are known as Cifas members. As a member, your organisation will have the option of sharing data through either or both of our fraud prevention databases.

If you are interested in joining Cifas, contact our Business Engagement team today.


National Fraud Database

Protect your organisation and your customers from fraud committed by identity thieves and other third parties. Find out more.


Internal Fraud Database

Protect your organisation from fraud committed by its employees. Find out more.


Other Services for Organisations

Immigration Portal

Cifas is the Home Office's designated provider of 'disqualified persons' data for banks and building societies. Find out more.


Payment Accounts Database

Cifas maintains a record of basic bank accounts that have been opened in the UK by legal residents in the EU. Find out more


Protecting the Vulnerable

A free service for local authorities and care bodies to provide a layer of protection against financial harm suffered by vulnerable adults under their care. Find out more.



Our range of fraud-related training courses is suitable for organisations of any size. Find out more.


Venue Hire

Cifas has a range of meeting, training and conference rooms available for hire at our London office near Euston station. Find out more.