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This month the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Anti-Corruption published its report on how UK businesses can be better supported to manage corruption risks in high growth markets (http://www.anticorruptionappg.org/reaching-export-2020-with-integrity-all-party-parliamentary-group-on-anti-corruption-report-on-anti-corruption-guidance-for-uk-exporters/).  


Cifas welcomes this report and in particular some of the proposed recommendations for Government, including the improved co-ordination of advice and guidance to UK businesses operating in high growth markets, secured funding for law enforcement to enable them to continue to prosecute corrupt individuals and a register of companies debarred from public procurement tenders.


During the consultation period before the publication of the report, Cifas responded to the APPG’s call for evidence and views. This response is included in the report and highlights the benefits our members gain from the Cifas Internal Fraud Database (IFD) in their work to prevent and deter internal fraud and corruption.


The IFD was established 10 years ago and now has over 150 members reporting confirmed internal fraud and corruption. A report published last year by Cifas and the University of Portsmouth found that an internal fraud under £25,000 normally costs a company three times the size of the initial fraud (https://www.cifas.org.uk/secure/contentPORT/uploads/documents/External-Cifas-EmployeeFraudscape2015-onlineversion.pdf).


Whilst we fully support the recommendations outlined in the report we believe the Government can do more to tackle corruption. One area we feel they could be doing more is through using the IFD to record corrupt public officials so they cannot then jump between Government departments, agencies or to private organisations and continue their crooked practices. 


We would also like to see more UK businesses using the IFD to stop internal fraudsters, particularly those operating in developing nations where resources are often scarce.


Only by working together can we effectively tackle the blight of corruption, bribery and fraud. This issue affects us all - businesses and citizens – and co-operation is the key to driving real change and protecting UK Plc.


If you want to find out more about the IFD or the trends behind our data take a look at this year’s Employee Fraudscape, the only publication of its kind, providing detailed analysis and an overview of insider fraud threats and vulnerabilities.  


If you’re interest in joining the IFD email newmembers@cifas.org.uk

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