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We enable organisations to develop the skilled and expert workforce they need to fight fraud.

Our mission is to be the leading source of expert training and education in cyber and fraud prevention and investigation, providing your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to protect your organisation against an ever-present threat.  

We empower individuals to build a recognised and tailored career path in fraud prevention and investigation. 

Our range of regulated qualifications means that you can curate your own bespoke path to career success, as well as gain independent and respected recognition of your existing expertise. Our trusted training allows you to be agile as you respond to changing threats and trends in the short-term.

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The Fraud and Cyber Academy works in collaboration with respected academic institutions and industry organisations to offer our accredited education:

Find out more about the Fraud and Cyber Academy and the regulated qualifications that we offer.


Our trusted training is delivered by established industry experts in their field, offering range of short courses covering general and specialist skills in fraud investigation and prevention.

Find out more about our trusted training and the experts who deliver our courses here.


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