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Our range of fraud-related training courses is suitable for organisations of any size. The courses are either delivered by the Cifas training team or by external consultants, who are experts in their subjects.

We can deliver all our courses:

  • at our London offices - where we'll also provide refreshments and a buffet lunch
  • at your premises - a cost-effective solution if you have a lot of delegates.


Currently running

Identity Document Fraud Training Improve your awareness of identity fraud and enhance your ability to identify fraudulent documents. Find out more.

Internet and Open Source Investigations

As a fraud investigator, knowledge of the Internet and how it is used by – and against – criminals is essential to combat fraud now and in the future. Learn to understand, work with and control current internet technologies and discover the resources and tools available to you.  Find out more.

Advanced Internet and Open Source Investigations

This course examines the topics studied in Internet and Open Source Investigations in more depth. It focuses on developing more complex technical skills, and applying them both theoretically and practically to your investigations.   Find out more.

Cybercrime awareness



This awareness course explains to a non-technical audience the advanced threats present in the modern world.  The course uses jargon-free case studies, practical explanations and plain non-technical language to condense decades of security and investigations experience into an easily assimilated set of messages. Find out more.

Internal security and fraud management techniques


This course develops a fundamental understanding of the threats posed by an organisation's employees and to apply appropriate and commensurate internal security and fraud management techniques to defend organisations against such threats. Find out more.

Fraud intelligence training


Learn how intelligence gathering works, and how you can develop these ideas into an action plan for collecting and assessing fraud intelligence. Find out more.

Introduce your colleagues to fraud


Provides employees with basic fraud awareness to protect the organisation and the individual employee from the twin risks of financial and reputational loss. Find out more.


Please contact training@cifas.org.uk with any questions.