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Understanding and reporting online fraud using visual analysis

Why should you choose Understanding and Reporting Online Fraud Using Visual Analysis?

With two-thirds of all frauds in the UK perpetrated online, no industry professional can fail to encounter cybercrime and digital fraud in 2020. But to fight cybercrime effectively, you must understand the threats – and crucially, you must also be able to communicate them.

What will you learn?

This two-day course breaks down the jargon and dismantles the myths that can make cybercrime impenetrable, explaining the key concepts in comprehensively but in plain English. You’ll look at a cybercrime case and break it down to uncover the fundamental elements common to all cases: the what, the how, the when, the where and the who. 

Then you’ll take your data analysis and learn how to apply the concepts and principles that will enable you to create a visual representation of the crime – called ‘charting’ - that you can use to efficiently and effectively communicate cybercrime and digital fraud to a range of stakeholders: from colleagues and managers to senior leaders and partners. 

The course will enable you to gain experience in using one of the most widely used and highly rated visual analysis software packages (i2Analyst Notebook) but the skills and techniques you will learn can be applied to any software that you use.

What skills will you gain?

You will be able to:

Who should attend this course?

Fraud professionals who face the challenge of analysing digital crimes.

Who is the trainer?

Mark Johnson is a Chartered IT Professional, cyber security expert and published author. His career has taken him from military officer, to drug enforcement agent, to global head of network fraud and security. He now runs The Risk Management Group, working with a range of global entities concerned relating to risk and security, including the City of London Police, the International Compliance Association and the MIS Training Institute.


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