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Internet and Open Source Investigations


Improve your investigative skills

Learn to understand, work with and control current internet technologies and discover the resources and tools available to you.

Our Internet and Open Source Investigations course teaches you how to use the Internet more effectively for research and investigation. You will build on your investigative skills, gaining more knowledge about the Internet and World Wide Web, Internet jargon, current technologies and how to identify sources of evidence.

Prevent fraud using the Internet

The rise of social media means organisations and individuals are now sharing personal and professional information at a rate and depth never seen before, resulting in a huge amount of data freely available on the Internet – if you know where to look.

As a fraud investigator, knowledge of the Internet and how it is used by – and against – criminals is essential to combating fraud. With over 80% of the UK population now online, the digital footprint of the country is growing at an astonishing rate.

Improve your Internet investigation skills

This course is aimed at those in the public or private sectors, law enforcement, internal audit, human resources, and compliance who are involved in the gathering of information for intelligence or due diligence purposes.

You do not need to have prior knowledge of Internet investigation to take part.

At the end of the course you will have an understanding of six key elements, enabling you to conduct your own comprehensive and successful Internet investigations:

Course duration and fee

Two days. Cifas members £660. Non members £695


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“I particularly enjoyed learning about the various tools available, how they are effective in their own respect and that there are other search functionalities aside from the normal search engines.”

“It was also good to get some background information on the internet, search engine types etc. The dark web was fascinating!”

“The whole course was great, I was engaged throughout, I enjoyed learning about all the open sources available to assist in investigations.”

“The trainer was excellent, the presentation was delivered in an easy to understand way, and the course was interesting and informative throughout.”

What do I gain as a Cifas member?